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3 Month Pre-Paid Option
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3 Month Pre-Paid Option

3 Month Pre-Paid Option

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How subscriptions work

Seasonal Subscription Boxes are shipped 2 weeks after your initial purchase. Product renewals are automatically charged the last week of February, May, August and November until the customer cancels. For Monthly Mini, we ship on the 20th of every month. Order by the 15th to receive a box that month, otherwise your box will ship on the 20th of the next month. Monthly mini renewals are on the 28th.
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Our monthly mini is a smaller version of our seasonal box that ships every month. 

Contents of our subscription boxes change every month so they are perfect for a monthly treat. (The pictures are of actual customer's past boxes and not what you will receive)

I mean everyone loves getting packages in the mail, right? 

Please note that there are two different box options depending on age. One for ages 4-8 years and another for ages 9-12 years old.

Boxes are shipped on the 20th of every month. To receive a box shipped on the 20th please sign up by the 15th! Otherwise, your box will be shipped out on the 20th of the next month.

December is the only exception to this rule. Boxes are shipped 2x per week in December in order to ensure a timely delivery during the holidays.

 **Please add Princess's name to the Shipping information so that parcel arrives in her name.**royal tee shirt