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Teen Book Club

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Every Season we'll read a new book. All of the books included feature age appropriate female main characters. This way you can relate, be inspired and maybe even find aspects of yourself in each book. Join us as we get lost in the pages of some pretty awesome books. 

The book club includes the book, a sheet of book club questions, a personalized book mark and access to our private facebook group for discussions. Earn points for answering the book club questions and turn them in for accessories or beauty products! 

We are reading Beyond The Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk! 

SAVE 50% ON THE BOOK CLUB WHEN YOU BUY THE TEEN BOX AT THE SAME TIME! The discounted price will automatically be added to your cart.

**Your memberships to the teen box and the book club must match in order to receive the discount (ie- join the box for an entire year and purchase the book club for the entire year). ***

Shipping is included!