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I’ve heard some negative things about little girls idolizing princesses lately. I totally understand the negative associations that having a princess as a role model may come with. Such as waiting for some prince to come save the day and change the poor girl’s life. That’s NOT the type of thing that I am trying to teach my daughter.

So why is my daughter’s room and majority of her toys princess themed?

I know, I’m confusing you. I feel like there are SO many great things about it. Heck, I created an entire business around my daughter’s love of girly things and princess themes  😉 

Here are my 4 main reasons presented to you in a handy dandy little numbered list because we all love numbered lists, right? Right.

1. It encourages her imagination and creativity.

Silly Princesses acting funny

Photo credit: Fan Pop

She dresses up for balls and has tea parties. She plays with wands and pretends to perform magical quests like Sophia. Majority of the time she’s the princess but sometimes she’s a ballerina or a gymnast.

2. It has helped her become independent.


Photo credit: The Keep Calm-O-Matic

We’ve all seen that saying about how Cinderella wasn’t looking for a prince in order to escape her situation. Nope. She just wanted a night off and to wear a pretty dress. Belle didn’t agree to be a prisoner because she knew she could change the beast’s heart. She wanted to save her father’s life. And when Anna’s heart froze everyone immediately ran to find her a man. Her true love. But no one stopped to consider how love comes in many forms. It was her sister’s love that saved her. Tianna worked hard to change her life and circumstances. If anything, the prince kinda complicated things and distracted her from her goals. I point these things out to my daughter and encourage her to be the captain of her own ship. When the time is appropriate love will come. Focus on you.

3. Supports her love of music and dance.

Little Mermaid Dancing Ariel

Photo Credit: Step Feed

I mean after watching Frozen 10x straight I even found myself singing and dancing along. It delights me to see my daughter dance as if no one is watching. Just enjoying herself and life. She smiles and laughs the entire time. That’s what life is about. At least when you’re a child. When you’re an adult life becomes about bills, work, kids, where your husband went the other……Oh sorry. Back to the list.

4. Her confidence level is through the roof.

The princesses in the movies that I saw were unstoppable. They took chances and went after what they wanted. Think about the 3 Ms- Mulan, Merida and Moana. They fearlessly fought for their beliefs even when everyone around them opposed or thought differently. You have to be pretty confident to accomplish the things that they did.  They weren’t deterred by people’s opinions or how they might have appeared. That’s exactly the type of woman that I’m trying to raise.

Now don’t you have the strong urge to go get your little princess a tiara and a disney classic to bond over?

Dazzle on baby Rapunzel, dazzle on!



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