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Major Changes Coming!

This is our monthly update post.

Our website will be under construction for a little while for a fresh look. We have been slowly rebranding over the last 6 months. I really want Royalty Packs to be much more than a box of glittery stuff. While that is fun, I really want to teach our girls more life lessons like goal planning, daily affirmations and encourage their confidence and self esteem. Our current branding and website don't really reflect that. 

Though our seasonal subscription boxes are delivered less frequently, they include more items and are of a higher quality. We are able to do this because there is much more time to prepare between boxes. The girls receive one box every 3 months. We are also increasing the value of our seasonal boxes by adding more digital content. 

I will be adding the real life role models into the seasonal boxes as well. This will not take away from the other items in the boxes. 

Thank you for joining us and I'm excited for you to experience our seasonal journey thru life and girlhood! 

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