December 20th is the last day to get this month's box!

July's Creativity Boxes!

It's been awhile since we've revealed the contents of an entire box on our blog! July's Royalty Packs were all about getting our special little girls' creative juices flowing 

Creative Craft DIY subscription box for little girls

Our character building has been an amazing journey. We went from being just another girls accessory and beauty subscription box to creating awesome teaching experiences and memories. So, the contents of the box are listed above but I know you wanna see a pic, right? Ok, here it is. Take a peek and then we'll talk about what's inside. Thanks Corrine for the pic of her box!

Creative girls subscription box diy magic wands diy letter bracelet

The star of our boxes this month was the DIY Magic Wand Craft. In the kit we included, a wooden dowel, 2 glitter foam stars, pink feathers, a glue stick, glitter glue, butterfly rhinestones, flower rhinestones, pink ribbons and furry pompoms. Of course our princess were able to add to this but we included everything need to complete the craft. 

We also included a mini journal with each princess' initial on it leaving the rest of the journal blank so that she could use any leftover decorations from the craft kit to embellish it any way she likes. 

The 2 feather pens included have colored ink. So the pink pen writes pink ink. The color pens included in each box varied. 

We threw in a shopkin because they are adorable and require some imagination to come to life. 

Last but not least we included a DIY letter Bracelet crafts. Our little girls made their own bracelets! They can put any saying that they want though all of the pics we have received so have have included the girls' names lol.

We really hope you enjoyed our creativity boxes this month. We have concluded our character building summer! We did Generosity in May, Confidence in June and Creativity in July. 

Join us for our back to school celebration in August! Details and a giveaway coming soon!

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