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I really wanted to take a moment to update everyone on a few things. This holiday season we grew much more than we anticipated. Partly due to VeryWell Family naming us in their best subscription boxes article in November! I had no idea about it until one of the new subscribers informed me. Because of this unexpected growth, we ran out of our custom boxes. So please forgive us for sending some in plain white boxes. We tried to make sure sibling boxes looked the same. 

Over the last several months we have received requests for more beauty related items in the 9-12 age group. Specifically sheet style face masks. We have included those in the December box. 

Our team grew by one. We welcome Gavin in as our Shipping/Receiving Clerk. He is the first male added to this formally all female team and we are grateful for his help. He came onboard right in the middle of the holiday rush and immediately got to work.  

Even with all of our efforts to get boxes out early we are seeing unprecedented delays from USPS. I keep a close eye on all of the packages we send and have been in contact with our local postmaster but there is only so much I can do after we have dropped them off to USPS. We even drove a ton of packages an hour away to Chicago (where the distribution center is) thinking that would help expedite packages but I think it made it worse. The Chicago post offices are so backed up that they haven't even scanned our packages in and it's been over a week. After speaking to other subscription box owners we realize this is happening all over the country. Here’s an article from the Washington post 

I have designed a couple printable gift cards for everyone so your girl knows you didn't forget about her and that her gift is on it's way. I really hope this helps! They are below but feel free to request I email them directly to you. 

As always, I am available via email at My normally fast response time has been impacted by the increased amount of emails so please be patient. 

And if you got this far, here is a spoiler for next month!

January's theme is Girls with Goals! We are introducing a mini magazine in this box that highlights an inspirational girl who is definitely role model material. The magazine is in addition to the items in the box (not taking away from them). We will be working on setting goals and reflecting. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook accounts to see spoilers of specific items coming soon.

Also, please let me know if you'd like to nominate your favorite young lady as our inspirational girl for upcoming months.

Thank you! And Happy Holidays

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  • She will be so excited!!

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