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10 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

So Halloween is coming up fast and I bet all of the kids are obsessing about what they will dress up as. I know that my kids are driving me nuts with ideas.

super easy diy halloween costumes for kids

Even though Royalty Packs will not be halloween themed this year, I thought I would share some really cute and easy diy costume ideas for kids that I have run across online. I didn't forget the boys this time either!

Ok so let's get to the list.


1. Statue of Liberty by

diy statue of liberty halloween costume

I absolutely adore this idea! And Jessica at made the steps so simple to do. Plus you can get everything needed from your local Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

2. Strong Man  by

Strong man circus halloween costume for kids

Oh my gosh he's so cute!! This is such an adorable yet simple idea. It reminds me of the movie "The Greatest Showman". 

3. Medusa by

 $3 Easy DIY Medusa Costume

 This easy one only costs about $3 to make! And she includes the makeup look instructions as well!

4. Candy Corn by

diy candy corn costume

This is my mom's favorite Fall treat but I'm sure she's never had a candy corn as cute as this one!

5. Crazy Scientist by

DIY Crazy scientist costume

Younger moms may not know what I'm referring to but this totally gives me Doc Brown vibes!

6. Paper Doll by

 DIY Paper doll costume

I know that I have gushed over every costume but come on! This paper doll costume is amazing and totally simple to do. 

7. Stick Figure by

I love the stick figure costume for all genders and ages. This is super creative. 

8. Snail by

cutest diy snail costume easy

Talk about quick and easy this one is definitely both of those plus it's cute. Score!

9. Minion by

easy diy despicable me minion costume

Let your kiddo be one in a minion this Halloween with a simple diy costume. You probably already own everything needed to make this one.

10. Lego block by

diy lego costume

Ok, this list isn't in any particular order but I saved this one for last because I am blown away with how creative, easy and cheap this costume is to make. I doubt I would have ever thought of this. 


That's my list. There are tons of ideas on pinterest and online but these were so super easy and adorable that I just had to share with the Queens of our Royal Court (psst.....that's you!) 

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