December 20th is the last day to get this month's box!

August Back to School Contents Reveal!

Ok so we shipped our back to school themed subscription boxes to our girls yesterday. They haven't received them yet but we are sure they will love them!

Wanna take a peek inside?


Keep scrolling because I'm going to spoil the surprise. 


Seriously, I'm going to show you the entire box so if you like surprises and haven't received your box yet then you should close this. 


Ok don't say I didn't warn you.


Here we go:

girls princess subscription boxback to school subscription box for little girls


Our back to school boxes included:

A donut pencil case

2 pencils. 1 rainbow and the other with the alphabet on it

10 twistable crayons

A sparkly cat ear headband

and finally a bracelet with a word of inspiration on it.


So fun! We hope you got one, if not definitely sign up before September's box ships! 

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